Waterproof USB Mini-B Panel Mountable Bulkhead Cable w cap, 3m

$29.95 $24.95

Waterproof USB Mini-B Panel Mountable Cable, 9.3 ft With Cap


  • Waterproof USB Mini-B panel mountable cable
  • 118 " (9.83 ft) or 2997 mm (2.997m) long
  • Mini-B waterproof female bulkhead type mountable threaded fitting with locking collar on one end
  • Mini-B straight male fitting on the other end
  • Also includes threaded cap with retaining strap for bulkhead fitting

Part Number:    RR-114210-07-118

Additional information:

  • 24 AWG power/ground/ID
  • 28 AWG data pair
  • All 5 wires connected
  • PVC jacket
  • 5.0mm OD cable