SBC & BBC Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters, Set of 16

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 Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters, Set of 16
Part # 25343052


  • Hydraulic flat tappet lifters for GM flat tappet, hydraulic lifter engine applications including SBC, BBC, V6, Buick V8 and many others

  • Complete engine set of sixteen (16) lifters

  • NOTE - these are NOT roller lifters so they are NOT for newer roller engine applications (Gen II, III, IV and V V8 engines for example)

Manufacturer Part Number:

  • 25343052


  • Made by OEM supplier General Motors Components Holdings (GMCH)

Cross reference for the following lifters:

  • GM:    5232720, 17085565
  • AC Delco:    HL66, HL54A, HL19, HL20, HL39, HL59, HL65
  • Federal-Mogul:    RHT817
  • Melling:    J817, JB817, JX817
  • Sealed Power:    A817, HT817


  • One engine set
    • sixteen (16) pieces


  • Parts are brand new from bulk packaging (not individually packaged)

Country of origin:

  • Made in the USA