LS Swap Motor Mount Brackets for SBC equipped 1973-1999 GM cars and trucks


 Product & Service Solutions is pleased to introduce KDS Performance LS Swap Motor Mount Brackets for SBC equipped 1973-1999 GM cars and trucks.

KDS Performance 7399 Mount Brackets allow a direct mounting option for LS engine retrofits in vehicles originally equipped with a Small Block Chevy.

KDS Performance 7399 Motor Mount Brackets have been successfully used on:

  • 1973-87 GM Full Size Trucks
    • Blazer/Silverado/Suburban etc.
  • 1988-98 GM Fullsize pickups.
    • Includes 1999 Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban, and 2000 2500/3500 trucks with the 5.7L/350ci Vortec engines
  • 1977-1993 GM Fullsize “B Body” cars. See the KDS-Performance LS Swapped 79 Caprice in Action
  • 1978-1987 A body and G-body

KDS brackets locate the LS engine at the “stock” SBC location, ie, the new LS engine does not require any relocation of the transmission. This has several advantages:

  1. Reuse your existing transmission
  2. On 4WD trucks, you don’t need to move your trans, transfer case, or modify 2 (!!) driveshafts.
  3. You can reuse the stock fan shroud and still run an LS mechanical fan with no fitment issues.
  4. Maintain the stock driveline angles. No chasing driveline vibrations because of odd driveline angles from poor motor mount bracket design.

Instead of using adapter plates, KDS motor mount brackets incorporate the clamshell mounting features into the bracket. KDS Performance brackets utilize factory-style mount locators to ease engine installation and apply the correct load to the frame-mounted clamshells. 

Precision laser cut and welded 1/4" mild steel brackets are made here in the USA, KDS Performance Mount Brackets allow a direct mounting option for LS engine retrofits in vehicles originally equipped with a Small Block Chevy, and completely replace the engine side brackets instead of using poor-fitting adapter brackets that still require the stock SBC clamshell.

KDS Performance Motor Mount Brackets locate your new LS engine in the same engine location as the old Small Block Chevy, you can retain your original transmission location without modifying your transmission crossmember or driveshaft.

Note: Due to the engine location provided by these engine mounts and the AC compressor location in LS applications the LS AC compressors will not fit and you will need to adapt your accessory drive to use your original AC compressor.

Bracket specifications:

  • 1/4" mild steel

  • Precision laser cut and welded

  • Uncoated

Include in the kit:

  • One Left  bracket

  • One Right bracket

  • Eight M10 Allen head bolts

  • Two 7/16-14 bolts

  • Two 7/16-14 Nyloc nuts


Also available: 1994-1996 Caprice/Impala LS swap brackets. See item KDS-9496 in our store.