Lingenfelter NCC-002 2-stage progressive nitrous control center


Lingenfelter NCC-002
2-stage progressive nitrous control center


There are few Nitrous Controllers on the market that can come close to the  feature set offered by the Lingenfelter Performance Engineering NCC-002 Nitrous  Control Center. The NCC-002 controller interface is designed for ease of use and access at the  track as all of the settings and options available in the NCC-002 software program are also available on the controller itself.

The many features listed in the following section make the NCC-002 Nitrous Control Center from  Lingenfelter Performance Engineering one of the most advanced Nitrous Controllers available while still offering the ease of use that renders it practical for seasoned race veterans and weekend racers alike. 

Features include:

  • Two independent progressive stages of nitrous and fuel 

  • Independent control of both nitrous and fuel duty cycle for each stage 

  • Timer/RPM based output (+12V) 

  • Relay output (+12V) & Relay Out (Ground)

    • Programmable  based on any combination of: Arming input, clutch input, shift input,  TPS%, AFR, Nitrous1 %, Fuel1 %, Nitrous2 %, Fuel2 %, RPM, MPH, Fuel PSI,  Nitrous PSI 

  • Shift light output, +12 volt

  • Analog voltage output, programmable

    • For  sending to a data acquisition system or to an ECM for external fuel or  spark control.

    • Can also be used to link to the LNC-2000 and LNC-2001 for progressive timing retard on GM  LSx V8 engine vehicles 

  • 5 volt and ground output for Fuel Pressure and Nitrous Pressure sensors for  improved signal accuracy 

  • Arming input

    • Ground or +12 volt selectable 

  • Clutch input

    • For  clutch switch or WOT switch enable input

    • Ground or +12 volt selectable 

  • Shift input - for gear position

    • Ground or +12 volt selectable 

  • Nitrous bottle pressure input, 0-5 volt 

  • Fuel pressure input, 0-5 volt 

  • AFR input, 0-5 volt 

  • TPS input

    • Accepts rising and falling voltage signal sensors, 0-5 volt 

  • Two analog inputs

    • Analog1 for use with analog clutch pedal position sensors (accepts  rising and falling voltage clutch position sensors, 0-5 volt)

    • Analog2 for a remote data log erase enable switch

  • Frequency input

    • Vehicle speed input

    • Software enable/disable pull-up resistor on frequency input 

  • Engine speed tach input 

    • Software enable/disable pull-up resistor on tachometer input 

  • Time based safety over-ride 

  • Fuel pressure safety over-ride 

  • Air fuel ratio safety over-ride 

  • Closed loop bottle heater control using relay output and nitrous pressure  input 

  • Time based nitrous control 

  • RPM based nitrous enable 

  • MPH based nitrous enable 

  • Independent Stage 1 and Stage 2 delay adjustments 

  • User configurable between Hold & Wait or full reset when activation is  removed and re-enabled.

    • Hold & Wait resumes the progressive system at the point where the system  was disabled for example, where the throttle was released 

  • Independent Stage 1 and Stage 2 nitrous and fuel resume ramp rates 

  • Independent Stage 1 and Stage 2 fuel advance settings that allow you to fine  tune the system so that the low pressure fuel is delivered to the engine at  the same time or before the high pressure nitrous, helping reduce the  chances of initial lean spikes when each stage of nitrous is activated 

  • Multiple solenoid frequency settings independent for Stage 1 & 2 

  • PC programmable via USB interface and Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7 or 8)

  • No PC required - can be programmed at the unit 

  • Saves three (3) different programs user settings on the unit 

  • Built in display to view inputs, outputs and settings 

  • Data logging built in

    • PC required to read and view data.

    • All channels logged at 100 samples second. 25 second logging time 

    • Nitrous user settings stored in each data log for ease of recalling past nitrous settings 

  • Free software updates

  • Current capacity:

    • Per channel current capacity of 30 amps

    • The NCC-002 is rated at a total combined maximum solenoid current draw for all four outputs 2x nitrous, 2x fuel is 60 amps

    • For applications that need more than 30 amps per channel or 60 amps total, external relays should be used

Links to instructions and software:

Included with the NCC-002 nitrous control center:

  • NCC-002 nitrous controller (now with CNC billet black anodized aluminum  case)
  • Slotted ring terminals, 26 pieces
  • Weatherpack connector kit (for LNC-2000 connection)
  • Full color printed copy of 175 page manual in a 3-ring binder (some  competing products make you print out the manual yourself if you want one)
  • Software and user manual on a flash drive
  • USB cable
  • Self-tapping mounting screws, 4 pieces
  • Lingenfelter decal, 2 pieces