LINGENFELTER 2.55" 2-piece 10 bolt LSA Supercharger pulley kit


 LINGENFELTER LSA Supercharger 2.55" 2-piece 10 bolt pulley kit

Lingenfelter 2.55" diameter 2-piece 10 bolt LSA pulley kit

  • 2.55" diameter pulley provides 18% overdrive, increasing supercharger speed and power
    • Same pulley diameter used in Lingenfelter 630 HP ZL1 and CTS-V packages
  • Two piece pulley design makes it easy to change pulley diameters without having to press off and on a new pulley
    • Just un-bolt the ten bolts and swap pulleys
    • Allows for increasing the boost at the track when using race fuel or for future upgrades
  • ECM calibration recommended (but not included)

Manufacturer:    Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Part number:       L250466509

2.55 LSA pulley kit L250466509 includes the following parts:

# Description Item ID/PN
1 8 RIB 1655 MM BELT 8PK1655
1 Lingenfelter CTS-V Camaro ZL1 LSA LS9 10 bolt Supercharger Pulley Hub Kit L250150309
1 Lingenfelter CTS-V Camaro ZL1 LSA 2.55 8 Rib 10 Bolt Pulley  L220300709
1 LS9 & LSA pulley cap ETN307901
1 Solid SC isolator coupling L960202012
2 Supercharger cover alignment dowel pin SPIR-69427
1 Permatex Ultra Black Gasket Maker, 3.35 oz. 82180
1 Vacuum bypass positioning tool ETN86063
1 LPE diagnostic port cover kit L450110095
1 Lingenfelter decal L920010000

10 bolt hub kit L250150309 incudes the following parts:

# Description Item ID/PN
1 10 bolt hub L220126109
10 Stainless socket head cap screw, M4x0.7x12 47503
1 242 Loctite, 0.5 ml LOCTITE-242
1 3/16" x 1" dowel pin 98381A510

Click here for link to chart of pulley sizes and supercharger speeds for the LSA engine.