GM Lifter Guides & Mounting Bolt Kit


GM LSx Plastic Lifter Guides
Fits GM Gen III, IV & V V8 Blocks
Set of 4 with mounting bolts


  • Complete engine set of four (4) lifter guides and the mounting bolts for them

  • GM Gen IV V8 engine lifter guides (aka buckets)

  • Fits LS2, LS3, LS7, LSA, LS9 etc. Gen IV V8 engines

  • Also works with Gen III blocks (LS1, LS6 etc.) & Gen V blocks (LT1, L86, L83, LT4)

  • Can also be used on Active Fuel Management (AFM) /  Displacement On Demand (DOD) engines to switch to standard lifters

  • Will not work with AFM/DOD lifters - you must switch to conventional LSx lifters

Lifter Guide Part #: 12595365

  • This part number also replaced GM part #'s 12569259 and 12551162

Lifter Guide Bolt Part #: 12551163


  • One engine set
    • Four (4) lifter guides and four (4) lifter guide bolts
  • Each lifter guide holds four lifters


  • Parts are brand new from bulk packaging (not individually packaged)
  • Only includes what is shown.