E5LM TI Automotive brushless BLDC high flow fuel pump, horizontal 90 degree 5/16" quick connect outlet


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E5LM TI Automotive brushless BLDC fuel pump

Out of stock - custom ordered part.

Right angle (90 degree) outlet configuration with 5/16" (~8mm) quick connect outlet fitting (see images)

Includes pump, harness and inlet filter sock.

Specifications/technical information:

  • High flow, high pressure capable BLDC screw pump. Sometimes called the Bugatti or Veyron pump.

  • 450 lph (120 gph) at 4 bar (58 psi) and 12V.

  • 500 lph (130 gph) at 3 bar (43 psi) and 12V
  • Capable of higher flow at voltages above 12V (see example voltage image in flow rate graphs)

  • Flow rate also depends on BLDC controller current limits and motor speed limits.

  • Ethanol/E85 compatible

  • Capable of operating at up to 10 bar/150 psi
  • Does not have a built in check valve. Must be installed after the pump if needed (not included).

  • Designed for in-tank mounting.
Part #: 7.50096.00

DOES NOT INCLUDE BLDC fuel pump controller (required). Contact us if you need assistance with a compatible BLDC fuel pump controller.

Other fuel inlet filter socks are available from several companies including Radium Engineering if you need a different shape inlet filter.

No warranty on fuel pumps. They can be returned un-used but once a pump has been used it can no longer be returned.

NOTE - this is a brushless DC (BLDC) pump. You MUST have a BLDC pump controller designed to work with this pump or it will not operate properly. It will not work without a BLDC pump controller. Fuelab, Torqbyte, TI Auto and others offer pump controllers compatible with these pumps. Also compatible with many OEM BLDC controllers including the 2009-2013 ZR1 Corvette Hella controller.