Variable speed cooling fan controller, Spal 17" DC brushless fan & connector kit

$585.89 $349.95

 Lingenfelter VSFM variable speed fan controller, Spal 17" DC brushless fan and mating connector kit

This kit combines the Lingenfelter VSFM-002 variable speed fan controller and a 17" Spal DC brushless fan and connector kit.

Combine this kit with most common temperature sensors (not included) and you can have a modern DC brushless variable speed temperature controlled fan in almost any vehicle.


  • Lingenfelter VSFM-002 kit (part # L460320002)

  • High output Spal DC brushless 17" fan (new condition open box item)

    • Fans have been 100% tested to verify they are functioning properly.

  • Connector kit for Spal fan.

  • Connector kit includes multiple sets of terminals and wire seals for use with a wide variety of wire sizes.


Retail / standard selling price for the fan and connector kit combined are over $585.


Fan controller manufacturer:       Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Fan & connector kit manufacturer:    Spal Automotive


Part number:       30107035

Model #:               VA97-ABL309-98A

Connector kit:

Part number:       30130628


Manufacturer's Description:

SPAL has developed a new generation of brushless motors with integrated electronics that are built to IP68 and IP6K9K ingress protection (TÜV certified).  Our motors are fully protected against dust, water, saline, fog and chemical aggressions and provide superior performance and a longer life under all operating conditions.  The VA97-ABL309-98A, 17" model features:


  • Drop-In Design Increases Shroud Strength
  • Full Variable Speed From 800 – 2800 RPM
  • Soft Start In All Conditions, No Electrical Inrush Spikes
  • Fan Performance Constant For Full Life, No Break In, No Degradation
  • Battery Voltage Compensation Offers Constant Controlled Fan Speed
  • -40°F to 240°F Ambient Operating Temperature Range (Includes De-Rating)
  • Sensorless Sine Wave Drive Design For Smooth Reliable Operation
  • Reduced Motor Depth & Weight While Increasing Performance vs. Comparable Brushed Motor Options
  • Self Protecting From Mechanical Overload Over/Under Temperature & Voltage
  • Condition:

    • New condition.
    • Open box items.
    • 100% tested to verify functionality.


    The Spal DC brushless fans require a PWM control signal in order to turn on a control the fan speed. This signal can be provided by many OEM and aftermarket engine control modules (ECMs) or it can be provided by stand-alone controllers and sensors made by companies like Spal, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and others. If you need help determining how to control these fans, please contact us.

    Here is a link to a video example of how you might control the fan using an external controller.

    Return policy:

    • Return for a for refund (less shipping) if this item is found to be defective 
    • Must be returned within 14 days